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Well-Being Through Self-Awareness

    The Essence of Life Purpose & the Frequency of Well-Being

    Life Lesson Numbers: Total each number of your birth date - Example:

    August 12, 1942    = 8+1+2+1+9+4+2 = 27   2+7 = 9 or 27/9

    Now read the meaning of 27/9 (or your numbers) by making a sentence from the words for each number from the list below:

    Essence of Life Purpose

        1. Creativity - Confidence -Leadership
        2. Balance - Cooperation - Harmony
        3. Expression - Sensitivity - Joy
        4. Process - Stability - Work Discipline
        5. Freedom - Independence - Adventure
        6. Vision - Acceptance - Love - Family - Community
        7. Trust - Openness - Spirituality
        8. Empowerment - Abundance - Authority
        9. Wisdom -Integrity - Unity - Service
        10. Inner Gift


    Frequency of Well-Being In Organ Meridians

        1. Circulation, Sexual Organs, Heart
        2. Lungs
        3. Kidney, Throat
        4. Colon
        5. Pancreas, Liver
        6. Thyroid, Heart, Throat
        7. Adrenals
        8. Bladder, Lower Back
        9. Brain, Mind, Pituitary

    Astrology As Related to Your Body

    Aries head, scalp, upper jaw
    Taurus  lower jaw, mouth, ears, neck, throat, thyroid
    Gemini  arms, shoulders, hands, lungs, bronchial, nervous system
    Cancer breast, stomach, uterus, rib-cage
    Leo heart, upper back
    Virgo intestines, abdomen, appendix, pancreas, spleen, liver
    Libra kidneys, adrenals, metabolic balances, lower back
    Scorpio colon, reproductive organs, bladder, nose, sacrum
    Sagittarius hips, thighs, arteries, sciatic nerve
    Capricorn knees, bones, joints, skin, gall bladder, nails, teeth
    Aquarius lower legs, ankles, circulation of blood
    Pisces feet, toes, lymphatic, immune system, pituitary, pineal

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    "Any cell, tissue or organ is capable of crying out for attention, and when you give it some, the healing process begins."—Deepak Chopra, M.D.


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