Your Body Wisdom

Well-Being Through Self-Awareness

    Do You Want:

    • Radiant Health?
    • Self-Understanding?
    • Self-Discovery?
    • To Access Your Unique Blueprint?

    Leigh Excels at Working With:

    • Emotional blocks at a soul level
    • Chronic conditions
    • PMS, menopause, hormone balancing
    • Digestion and supplement needs
    • Diet and food allergy sensitivities
    • Body and muscle pain

    Leigh Utilizes These Tools:

    • Nutrition
    • Kinesiology
    • Numerology
    • Astrology
    • Acupuncture Meridians
    • Law of Five Elements
    • Organ/Emotional Relationships
    • Naturopathic Methodology
    • Bach Flower Remedies
    • Therapeutic Aromatherapy
    • Touch for Health Reiki

    Leigh supports and facilitates the body's healing by weaving a variety of technologies together to develop a comprehensive approach to health for her clients. She uses a potent, non-invasive, wholistic screening process which utilizes kinesiology (muscle testing) to detect important facts about the physical structure, nutritional needs and the spiritual/emotional self. She can initiate a powerful release process for the emotions stored on a cellular level. The information revealed comes directly from the body's electrical field where all experiences are stored. The awareness gained provides feedback for understanding "dis-ease." Tracing and releasing problems at a causal level stimulates the body to heal itself!


    In Office Consultations: 1-1/2 hours Life Path Reading $155
    Phone Consultations:
    First Session - $155
    Follow-up, in person or phone consultations: $90 per hour

    Sessions for Individuals, Couples & Children.
    All sessions are digitally recorded and sent by email for downloading.

    Leigh Wunce, NC
    688 Paradise Park, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
    (831) 425-7760

    "Any cell, tissue or organ is capable of crying out for attention, and when you give it some, the healing process begins."—Deepak Chopra, M.D.

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