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Well-Being Through Self-Awareness

    Leigh Wunce, NC

    Leigh began her healing practice in Santa Cruz in 1992. She took her nutritional training at the Institute of Educational Therapy in 1995. Leigh was able to combine this with her naturopatic methodology training from Dr. Valerie Moreton of San Diego to further support her clients in body, mind and spiritual healing.

    From her personal experience of healing breast cancer, she brings her gifts of awareness and in-depth knowledge into her teachings to individuals about how to gain and maintain their health. Leigh finds much joy using methods which help her clients to discover their life lessons, which then supports weaving a tapestry of their soul's essence.

    Leigh is a frequent guest on two radio shows—
    Seeing Beyond broadcasting from San Francisco and In the Company of Angels heard in the Monterey, Santa Cruz area. Leigh is a heart-filled lecturer, and annually speaks at the West Coast Dowers Conference at U.C.S.C.

    Other places she has spoke are:

    • Borders Books of Santa Cruz
    • The Agape Well-Being Center of LA
    • Wild Oats of Sunnyvale
    • Rockridge Health Foods
    • Cancer & Complementary Medicine Symposium, Cabrillo College
    • The Healing Connection
    • Rota Fair
    • Awareness Network
    • Lupin Naturist Resort
    • Gity Joon of San Francisco


    Leigh has appeared on several television shows in the Bay Area, including: Health Power, hosted by Lisa Davis. Workshops are where Leigh shares the depth of her knowledge. Subject areas she teaches are: An Intutive Approach to Well being, Numerology as a Soul Expression and Demystifying Hormone Balancing.

    Leigh is writing a book to be a practical resource tool for understanding and creating your own well-being.

    Leigh works with:

    • Nutrition
    • Kinesiology
    • Numerology
    • Chinese Acupucture Meridians
    • Law of Five Elements
    • Organ/Emotional Relationships
    • Naturopathic Methodology
    • Bach Flower Remedies
    • Therapeutic Aromatherapy
    • Touch for Health Reiki

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