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    The Myth of Estrogen:
    Balancing Hormones & Our Divine Feminine

    By: Leigh Wunce Certified Nutritionist & Medical Intuitive

    There is a myth that if we don’t use estrogen as a drug our bodies will wither and die with brittle bones, lost libidos and broken hearts. Every woman, whether she is young or old, can find support from understanding her unique hormonal journey. Hormones support our well-being, giving us the flow of creative juices to live more fully. There are many ways to naturally support our monthly cycle or our menopausal experience. By learning to listen to the language of our bodies, we can embrace the uniqueness of who we are. This is the path that gives us the niche to dance with life in greater balance.

    I am passionate about educating woman in finding and interrupting the messages their bodies are reflecting. In my own healing of breast cancer in the eighties, I was blessed to work with a holistic oncologist and other non-traditional methods of healing. Metaphysician, Louise Hay gave me the insight of the power of our thoughts and how they affect our physical bodies. Physical "dis-ease" is a reflection of our mind thoughts that have allowed us to lose touch with our inner spiritual wisdom.

    Estrogen was the main source of support when I went through menopause with severe symptoms, and its use was not advised because of my breast cancer. In any life challenge there is always a gift. The gift here was finding Dr. John Lee’s work on natural progesterone. He is a researcher and author of What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause. He coined the term Estrogen Dominance and brought forward extensive scientific studies on natural progesterone to prove the benefits of its use.

    Natural progesterone supports the removal of unpleasant symptoms like hot flashes, breast tenderness, depression, low thyroid, fibroids, weight gain, and low sex drive. The greatest benefit of natural progesterone is its ability to stimulate new bone growth to halt osteoporosis. Natural progesterone is plant derived and available as a cream that is applied topically and absorbed directly into the skin. It matches the molecular structure of what our bodies make and is basically non-toxic. After menopause the progesterone levels go to nearly zero, while estrogen levels only decrease by 40% to 60%. Clinical studies are showing that even women in their thirties are severely deficient in progesterone.

    We live complicated lives and hormone balancing rekindles our Goddess energy to passionately support creating our personal fulfillment; to move more deeply into ourselves. With this Divine energy we honor our life purpose and hold the foundation for others to be living their personal goals.

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